For Students

For Institutions

MCMF has rich experience of more than 15 years into CAREER COUNSELING for Medical courses like MBBS, Nursing, Age Care, BDS and other vocational courses in India and Abroad

MCMF has branches in almost every major cities of India.

MCMF has overseas branches in Australia, Canada, Ukraine and Bangladesh gives it edge over the other counselors in India.

MCMF works with its associates in countries like Russia, Philippines, Georgia, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Our Country Heads play active role in student’s admission and take care once our students reach there.

We offer personal service to students so that they should not have teething problems even.

Our team has expertise in Immigration and PR Visa services for Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The candidates looking for our PR or Work visa services are also benefitted by our overseas offices.

Our experts devise complete plan for every student based on his/her score and advise the appropriate college in India or overseas.

Business environment across the world is continuously changing. Adapting to these changes is eminent for organisations to succeed. These changes are not only bring New Challenges but also present great opportunities. Ongoing covid-19 situation is also such an opportunity.

We at MCMF have upgraded our business structure to create stronger synergy with our business partners/ institutes across the World.

With adoption of Latest technologies, every country is looking for skilled manpower which can add value to them. India is the country with largest diaspora across its shores working from the continent of Americas to Europe and Africa to Australia. Every country is bringing differing immigration laws and policies to attract the best to its land.

MCMF helps its business partners/ institutes and caters to their requirement in a timely and efficient manner. We have allocated Country Heads in almost all major economies/ business centers.

Our students studying in our partner institutions remain constantly connected with our Country Head for any issue. Our Country Head remains his First contact point for all resolutions and are provided best support by them by involving all their resources.They are able to assist and provide ongoing service to our students in most of their problems which considerably helps to reduce the burden and stress on our business partners/ institutes.

This way the student gets exceptional service. Further, the goodwill and reputation of both MCMF and our business partners/ institutes increases exponentially through Word of Mouth.